Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Caleb & Joel!!!

Caleb is in light grey, Joel is in dark blueCaleb was really good at blowing out the candles...Joel had no interest.
I love Caleb's face here...he is such a clown!
Celebrating birthday's with twins is always a challenge. You want them to have their own special day...but they always celebrate with someone else. We wanted to get an individual picture of each with their cake...but Joel did not want that. In this picture he is so upset because Caleb isn't in the picture too! We had to finally put Caleb in the chair next to him, just out of the picture and then he was fine! Too funny!

Caleb loving his cake!
Gotta love John Deere green!!!

Playing with their new dry erase table from the Van Hulzens.

Enjoying the Little People nativity

It's hard to believe that we have made it through year 2 with twins! What a lot of work but such a wonderful blessing they have been. It is so fun to see their personalities develop and the strong bond they have. They only time they are separated is when they are sleeping. They love each other so much and bring so much joy to our lives!!!

Because the boys love tractors so much, we decided on a tractor cake. We thought we would just do one since this may be the last year we can get away with one cake! They loved the cake and made quite the mess eating! We had Ryan's folks and sister & kids over for pizza and cake Saturday night. The boys loved opening their presents and having people over whom they love very much. Today is their actual day and we are enjoying being home together just playing and relaxing. We hope you enjoy the pictures of them celebrating their special day!


Deb VE said...

Congratualtions on making it to year 2! I have enjoyed catching up with the two (now 5) of your through your blog. What a busy time, as we are finding out!

Laura E said...

Happy birthday, boys! They're so cute, and congratulations on making it through two years so gracefully!

Nate and Lisa said...

Caleb reminds me of Macaulay Culkin shaving for the first time(Home Alone)