Thursday, April 16, 2009


-First picture is of Ryan's Grandma and Caleb
-2nd picture is Joel-left and Caleb-right
-Kiera decorating Easter eggs and in her Easter outfit.

Sorry we haven't posted in so long. These are just some snapshots of pictures we took over the last month. We visited Prinsburg, MN for the first time the first week of April. All the relatives had fun stopping by to see the boys. Some of the pictures are of Ryan's Grandpa and the kids. The one in the tractor was also taken at his folks house. Joel is in the scoop and Caleb in the wagon. Kiera had a blast playing with it all weekend. The last pictures were of the boys first taste of rice cereal. They were not so impressed. Caleb is the first picture, then the one of the two of them, Joel is on the left, Caleb (R), and Joel is in the last picture.

Things are going well over here. Ryan has been super busy with work, so I manage to keep my head above water most days. The kids are healthy and growing strong. The boys are 4 1/2 months now and weighing in @ 17 pounds!!!! They are chunky monkeys now! They are starting to put their hands in their mouth and sucking on toys. They have great head control and are close to sitting up. They are becoming more interactive and are starting to coo and smile at each other. It is too cute! We had a quiet Easter at home since we had to be around for church service participation. The weather is finally starting to warm up and we are enjoying being able to go on walks outside! We are looking forward to Oma coming next week!!!! Can't wait for some extra hands and help!