Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Fun

April was quite the month! We had lots of fun and lots of company. We spent the first half of the month celebrating my birthday, preparing for our huge garage sale, and preparing for company to come. My sister Lisa and her family arrived on the 15th and that weekend started a week of the 12 hour stomach flu. It was awful. My sister Tami and her family arrived that Monday and we spent our week together battling the flu. Almost everyday someone else came down with it. It was quite frustrating and disappointing to spend our little time together being sick, but we made the best of it and have quite the story to tell now. Thankfully Lisa was able to stay a week longer and managed to be the only one (along with her 9 mo. old daughter Rylee) not to get sick. We all were able to spend Easter together and had fun hiding eggs for the kids to find. We even made a nice Easter dinner for all 11 of us and it was yummy!
The last week of April I had a garage sale here with 5 other friends. It was quite a job, definitely worth it. I was able to fund over half my trip to WA this summer which was a huge blessing! Enjoy these pictures from our crazy month!

Notice that Caleb & Joel learned how to take their pj's off...
Reading some man material. Doesn't Caleb look thrilled?
Joel coloring Easter eggs
The other kids decorating eggs.
Caleb very intently coloring
The kiddos getting ready to find their eggs.
Joel, are you finding the eggs or stealing them? Always having to compare...
Looking hard...
Two best friends and cousins getting ready to hunt. Don't you love their matching pants?
Even Rylee got to help hunt.
Very serious hunters enjoying their loot.

They had a fun time with cousin Elliana. She is such a hoot!
Checking out all their candy while daddy watches (and waits for his cut)
Caleb didn't like the peanut m&m's (he's in the red)
Swinging and eating candy. Life can't get any better than this!
Our beautiful Easter meal!
Sharing their favorite cars with cousin Rylee.
Kiera wanted to earn a specific toy from Target. I told her to sell lemonade at our garage sale. In about 3 hours she made over $10 selling 25cent cups of juice. As soon as she hit her goal, she was out of there. It was so funny to watch her sell.
She maybe would have sold more if her brothers hadn't drank half her juice!