Thursday, March 19, 2009

Various Pictures

Our Neighborhood watch program...
The three kiddos
Caleb (left) and Joel (right)
Kiera actually fed Joel his whole bottle. She just chatted away to me the whole time!
Joel all spiffed up for church in his shirt & tie (wouldn't fit Caleb's wide neck)
Kiera playing with her Little People (they were all lined up sleeping under the ottoman)
Hanging out on the farm (Caleb left, Joel right)
3 month picture of Caleb in his outfit from the Rouw aunts. So cute!
Joel's 3 month in his cute outfit from the aunts.

Hope you enjoy these pictures from the last couple weeks. Things are getting into a routine around here. Joel is doing much better napping, Caleb not so much. They both are doing awesome at night. They go from 11 pm until 8:30 or 9 am. They don't wake up unless they get their arms loose out of their blankets. It is so nice to have a good nights sleep again! Now if only we can get them napping good. I will definitely take the nights over the days anytime though! Caleb and Joel love their exersaucers and we get such a kick out of them just standing there staring at each other. It will be fun once they start talking to each other and actually playing. Kiera loves to hug and kiss them. She is a big help but still can't tell them apart. Since Joel naps pretty consistently, it's been nice to have a little bit more free time to spend with her.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mix & Match

Kiera a little unsure when we were singing "Happy Birthday"
Caleb and Joel were so enthused....
This was Kiera's b-day cake. We had a Pretty Pony theme. I was quite pleased with how this turned out. I had only a picture from online to go by and wasn't sure if it was going to work.
Joel and Caleb very excited with their exersaucers ( :
"What are you lookin' at?? Don't bother me, I'm busy" (Caleb)
Kiera helping make her birthday cake.
Birthday #1 (her actual b-day). Oma helped make cupcakes since we were in the hospital.
Oma visiting Caleb in the hospital
Kiera playing at the hospital with her computer she got for her birthday (she wants to be just like daddy working)
Caleb in the hospital with all his tubes and wires
"Ahhhh....this oxygen makes you sleepy"

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures. Tonight we had Kiera's b-day party with all her cousins, uncles & aunt from the area. She was SOOO excited and kept tackling her cousins and trying to pin them. Ya, such a girly girl. So much for the pretty pony girl theme! She is very in to My Little Pony and has quite a few and knows each of their names. She decided long ago that this was the cake she wanted. It turned out pretty good. For her party we had supper together and then cake and opened gifts. The highlight for her was her cupcake maker. She has been wanting this since Christmas when she saw it in an advertisement. She was so excited to get this from her aunts & uncles. It makes the cupcakes (in 30 sec...not sure how edible these are going to be and then frosts them). She didn't need anything else once she saw this. Thankfully we had some cupcakes leftover from when my mom was here and each kid got a turn to frost theirs. Overall she had a great evening and lots of fun with her cousins. Caleb and Joel just enjoyed all the attention and Kiera thinks we should save the cake until their birthday. Won't they be excited come Dec.!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let's Count...

As I see the clock strike one, I am amazed at how little I've accomplished today. As I was washing bottles, I got to thinking about how many things I've repeated today.

Baths: 6 given (Kiera: 1, Caleb: 2, Joel: 3...the boys both had a blow-out and Joel coughed so hard, he threw up all over himself...about 2 minutes after his first bath).

Bottles washed: 20

Outfits changed: 7

Diapers changed so far: 8

Diapers left to change: 10 (if all goes well)

Garbage bags taken out to the trash can: 4

Toys picked up: hundreds

Loads of laundry: 2

Bottles fed: 7 (Caleb decided he needed a little extra)

Burp rags used: 6

Naps given: 4 ....naps yet to be given: 6

Amount of Sanity found: 0

Some days I just try not to even stop and think! No wonder people hire nannies!!!!

We found out this past weekend that Joel actually had RSV. His earlier test was actually positive. Supposedly they get a lot of false negatives for RSV if they get tested early on in the virus. So the poor little guy spent all last week battling RSV and we didn't pay too close attention to his breathing because we assumed he was okay (and I was still in the hospital with Caleb). The Doctor sent us home with a prescription for nebulizer treatments that we need to give him every 4 hours. I took both boys in on Monday and they seem to be on the mend. Joel still has a little cough, but is doing much better. Thankfully he didn't have to be hospitalized. Hopefully by the end of this week we will all be healthy and actually be able to have a birthday party for Kiera!