Saturday, May 3, 2008


Thursday evening we quick went outside to mow the lawn and play awhile before the rain hit. Kiera and I were out there for awhile and then we noticed the lightning and heard the thunder. We came in and about 10 minutes later the fire station just down the road from us started blasting its tornado warning siren. (I, being from the west coast, had to double check with Ryan that that's really what it was). We turned on the news and saw that there were about 7 tornadoes headed our direction. We headed down to the basement where we spent the next hour or so watching the news. It was rather scary for me as I've only experienced this one other time. Thankfully all of them passed around Sioux Falls and we just had lots of wind, rain, and hail. There were a couple that touched down just outside Sioux Center, IA that did some damage. I guess we have now entered that season. I definitely prefer the rain to the snow! Thankfully May is finally here and we can enjoy much nicer weather. Today we spent planting flowers and getting our garden ready. Pretty exciting!