Tuesday, June 22, 2010


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We have had a very busy month. We updated our blog with a number of posts, so be sure to scroll down to see what we've been up to.

We received a wonderful blessing from one of my cousins this month. Her little boy was finished with all his train stuff and she gave them all to us!!! We (and I mean all of us) have had fun setting up the trains and playing. The boys are especially enamored by all the pieces. I foresee hours and hours of fun! Also, you will see some pictures of Joel (I couldn't catch Caleb in time) with his safety goggles on. They found these and had so much fun wearing them. Notice how he's playing with lego's with them on! Also, we do know who our kids are...the tape with their names on their back are from nursery....

Visit to Tami's

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Ryan had his local IMPACT serve project here this week, so we decided that since he wasn't going to be around all week, we would head up to Duluth, MN for the week. I was a little nervous doing all 6 hours in one shot (I usually go through Prinsburg and break up the trip), but the kids were AWESOME!!! I only stopped half way for supper, and the kids never made a peep the whole time!!! That means we are more likely to make the trip more often...yeah!!! Once we arrived, Tami was her typical hospitable self and we had a very fun time together. The week started out cool, but ended beautiful. The kids were able to swim in the lake a few days, Kiera and Tori spent many hours playing, the boys and Elliana got to know each other, and I got to eat at Gordy's...mmmm....the best burgers and fries in the world!!! Thanks so much Tami and Chad for a wonderful time and some great memories!!!!

Church Fellowship Wknd 2010

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The 2nd weekend in June, our church had their 2nd annual church fellowship weekend. We decided to be brave this year and get a cabin (we aren't quite ready for camping). The cabin was wonderful and Kiera LOVED the bunk bed. The kids did great all weekend and had fun pushing their mowers around, entertaining everyone, playing with friends, playing in the bubbles, bean bag tossing (you'll see one of Ryan greeting the competition), bonfires, scavenger hunts, and just getting to know people (since our church is so large). Ryan and I enjoyed spending time together as a family and look forward to going again next year!

Kites, mowers, and swimming

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Opa and Oma gave the kids some fun gifts to enjoy for the summer. The boys LOVE their mowers. They spend most of their time traveling up and down the sidewalk. Ryan thinks we should attach a blade so he doesn't have to mow! Kiera loved her kite, once it got windy. We figured out that in order to get the wind to stop in the midwest, you purchase a kite. There wasn't a stitch of wind for 3 days...I may just start stockpiling kites. We also took the kids swimming which they LOVED. The downside is that I can't go by myself. They love to put their faces in the water which makes them tip over. It would be a little too nerve-wracking on my own!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

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We headed to Prinsburg for the weekend with Ryan's sister and family. It was a beautiful weekend in the 90's and the kids spent a majority of it outside. Every night we had dirty dirty kids! You will see pictures of the grandkids playing Sorry with grandpa, the boys checking out Grandpa's truck (which Joel was especially impressed with), shooting off rockets in the field (you only see pictures of the kids...not the actual rocket), swimming, and just having fun at Grandma's! It was a fun weekend but the kid's were pretty tired from playing so hard.