Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good-bye Cribs!!!!

Well, the big moment has arrived! The boys are officially out of their cribs. Since we will be heading to WA in a few weeks, I wanted them to be out of cribs and used to sleeping on the floor. It makes it much easier to travel when they are used to not being in their cribs. Anyway, we dismantled the cribs and for now put their crib mattresses on the floor with a toddler rail. We hope to get regular beds sometime this fall. They were pretty proud of themselves and never even got out of bed! Whew! This morning they were up at 7 and I heard the door open and Joel informed me that he was "all done". Caleb was surprisingly just laying in his bed waiting for the okay from me. So far, we are doing pretty good! It is so crazy to think that they are old enough to be out of their cribs. They are growing up fast and I am looking forward to them leaving the terrible two's!

One crib down, one to go!

All three kids trying out the "new" beds...
Joel all ready for bed
Caleb all ready for bed
And later...two tired little boys fast asleep. Their room looks so empty now!