Thursday, August 27, 2009

WA Vacation Part 3

The kids and me with my grandparents, Harold & Marjean. They even watched the kids one night so the adults could go out for supper. Thanks so much!!! It was great to see you!
Caleb & Joel sitting in their inch of water. They had more fun just splashing and playing with toys.
Oma is famous for her storytelling...the kids love these particular books. Enjoy your break from those books mom!
Rayahna, Kiera, and Julissa enjoying ice cream at the fair.
Opa and the boys ready for church.
Hanging out with Oma (Joel right, Caleb, left)
Opa reading stories...Joel wasn't real interested.

These are just a few more snapshots of our awesome time in WA. Opa and Oma were great hosts and treated us like royalty. We enjoyed lots of yummy treats, hours of Settlers of Catan, great walks, watching lots of baseball and even going to a Mariners game!, lots of swimming at the Oostra's, time spent with extended family we hadn't seen in a long time, enjoyable lunches out all together, a trip to the Fair, shopping trips to the popcorn store (Target), and lots and lots of laughs. Thanks again everyone for all you did to make our trip so much fun and enjoyable! We miss you already!

WA Vacation Part 2...Leavenworth

Ryan mini-golfing. Unfortunately he beat me...but it was close!
At the hotel next to us, there was a man who came out every morning to blow the Alpine Horn. You can barely see him in the upstairs balcony here. It sounded pretty cool.
After enjoying a couple weeks hanging out with my family, Ryan was able to join us. We had planned that while we were in WA, we would go overnight somewhere just the two of us. We decided to return to a place we had visited on a day trip back when we were dating. We headed to Leavenworth. This is a little Bavarian village right over the pass in Eastern WA. It has all little Swiss like decoration outside all the stores and lots of fun shops to walk in. We basically spent the two days looking in shops, mini-golfing on real greens, enjoying the scenery, and not having to follow any type of a schedule!!! It was so relaxing and we didn't worry about the kids at all!!! What a great break. Thanks everyone for watching the kids!

WA the farm

The family at the Sakuma Berry Farm (my brother-in-law's family owns the place). We had to get a picture on the John Deere tractors!!!! The order is Caleb, Kiera, Sheri, Joel
Is this a twin look-a-like or what??? Caleb left, Joel right.
Joel had a great time sitting in the train. They were too small to ride but loved sitting in it!
The kiddos all lined up in the train. Rayahna and Julissa (my sister Juli's kids) joined us.
Rayahna and Kiera were either best buddies or they are watching Uncle Nate's sister jump horses.
Joel hanging out with Aunt Lisa.
Giddyup horsey! Hang we go!!! Joel left, Caleb right. Uncle Nate's sister gave the kids rides.
So Aunt Lisa was holding us the whole time...we weren't too sure of this horse. Kiera wouldn't even try!

You probably noticed that we haven't posted in awhile. We have spent most of August in WA visiting my (Sheri) family. My best friend, Valerie, flew out there with me. She had Joel and I had Caleb for the flights. They kids did awesome!!! We were unsure as to how they would do on the plane, but they did great. Even though Kiera has flown a ton already in her life, this was the first time she could remember flying. She was pretty excited and asked lots of questions. We were very happy to make it to WA without any hassles. Thanks Val for being so brave and helping out with our kids!!!

We spent the first week in WA just relaxing and hanging out at Oma's house. Uncle Nate and Aunt Lisa were living there as they have been house hunting and looking for a place to settle. We were so excited that while we were there they found a place and will hopefully be moving in the next month. It was fun to be a part of the process! The first weekend we were there, my sister Juli and her family returned from their vacation. The kids were so excited to see each other! Kiera and Rayahna had lots of fun together. They did have a little difficulty sharing, but for both being first-borns, they did well. Julissa just tagged along and tried to keep up!

It definitely takes a village to raise a family...or at least my family. My parents and sisters were so helpful with feedings, changes, getting up early to let me sleep, and entertaining kids. It was a very relaxing break for me. Thanks you guys! You sure spoiled me.

Zoo & Misc.

Our Shrek look-a-like! This was Joel at the airshow with his earplugs in. Sioux Falls had an airshow which was great! We spent the morning with Ryan's folks and our brother-in-law Josh and his boys. We missed the Blue Angels because they were too loud for the kids. We got to watch some of the smaller planes, and then went home. Maybe when they're older.
"I'm a Harwee Kid" outfits from Sturgis (Grandpa went through there on one of his trips) Don't you just love the visors???
1st trip to the zoo!!! They look so excited, don't they? Ryan's sister Joni came with her kids from Houston to visit, so we spent the day at the zoo.
Riding on the zoo train

Kiera and I had a tea party one day while the boys were napping. Unfortunately Caleb woke up early, so he had to have tea also! He'll never live this down! Our refreshments consisted of Diet Coke and popcorn. We needed to do something girly for a change!