Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally: Pictures Galore!!!

Krazy Kids around the house

I love this picture...first off, the kids love to play with buckets on their head and then crawl full speed ahead into anything. Watch Caleb in the background and scroll down to the next picture.Like I said...they run into anything!
And here is the mess they make daily of my kitchen. They love the tupperware cupboards.
The new train table the boys got from Opa & Oma
Kiera insisted Daddy had a shape birthday cake. He's a Mac fan (in case you didn't know!)
Happy Birthday Ryan!
Joel's 13 month (I love his face)
Caleb's 13 month...he's so laid back.
This is us getting into the tupperware cupboard...
And this is how we get out of the cupboard!

New Year's in Prinsburg

This is what we came home to...lots and lots and lots of snow!!!
All the Link cousins (all boys and 2 girls)
Fun summer stuff to look forward to! Kiera got a pink scooter and the boys got a wagon! Thanks Grandpa & Grandma!
The awesome snow fort that the uncle's made
Grandpa & Grandma and the grandkids

Christmas in WA

Joel getting his 1st haircut

The finished product! What a goofball!Caleb's turn!

Caleb all done!
This picture warms my heart to see the girl's playing with Barbies!
All the Rouw cousins
Opa & Oma and the grandkids
Great Grandpa & Grandma DeGroot and the kids
Uncle Nate's reading hour

The kids made Gingerbread houses on afternoon (boy did they love crafts!)Kiera's finished product
Many hours of Settler's were played (I'm sure Randy is winning...)
We all went to the pool one afternoon. The kids loved it!
It is GREAT having someone who can read to the kids!!!
Beauty parlor time
Opa and Caleb playing with cars (I honestly don't know if it's Caleb, I'm purely guessing!)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a Month December was!!!

I noticed that another month has gone by and I haven't posted. I was putting it off mainly since we misplaced our camera cord that allows us to upload pictures and was hoping it would turn up. With all the traveling we did, we aren't sure where it went. As soon as we find it, we will get some pictures up.

After the boys first birthday, my sister Lisa flew out for the week to hang out with us and then help me fly back to WA to celebrate Christmas. It is a little difficult to fly with 2 lap kids, so thankfully Lisa was willing to help (although after a 4 hour flight and 2 kids getting carsick within seconds of each other...yes twins share EVERYTHING...I don't think she will do it again anytime soon!). Thanks so much though Lisa! We spent the 11th-28th in WA celebrating with my family. The kids had lots of fun together (we were all there, my parents, 3 sisters and spouses (minus one that couldn't make it...we missed you Chad!) and 5 cousins.) Having 8 kids in the house kept things lively. We enjoyed lots of outings and many games of Catan. Ryan flew out on the 19th to join in on the fun and we enjoyed being spoiled and relaxing with mom's great cooking! It was great to see my dad after he had finished chemo in Nov. and were so happy to see him feeling better and back to his old self again. We found out on Tuesday how the PET scan turned out and if he is clear from the cancer! Please pray for a good report!

We left a nice cool 45 degrees in WA and entered about -20 in South Dakota. While we were gone, Sioux Falls received over 2 feet of snow. Yuck! We had to call a co-worker to come to the airport with a shovel to dig our car out. When we got home we were met with a 3 foot snowbank at the end of our driveway that had to be cleared before the car could get in the driveway. Ryan spent about 2 1/2 hours that night blowing snow.

On Dec. 30, we headed up to Prinsburg to celebrate Christmas/New Year's with the Link's. It was fun to spend time with Ryan's family and his sister and family from Houston whom we don't see very often. The kids had a great time together and having 9 kids under age 6 was quite loud!! We didn't do much but eat, sleep, eat, eat, eat, and relax. Unfortunately the weather was so cold that the kids couldn't even get out to enjoy the snow.

Now we are home, the decorations are put away, and we are adjusting to life as normal again. Caleb and Joel received their first haircut while in WA. Oma did a great job cutting their hair and they don't look so messy anymore! On New Year's Day, Caleb took his first steps! He continues to walk a few steps on his own, but much prefers to crawl. Joel doesn't want Caleb to get all the attention, so he just stands by himself, claps his hands, and giggles loud so that everyone will look at him too! Too cute!

Kiera is a bubbly almost 4 year old that keeps me laughing every day. She is so into princesses, strawberry shortcake, and Barbies. She spends quite a bit of time in her room with the door closed playing so that two little wreck-wreck's can't bother her. She continues to be a big helper and her running commentary on everything keeps my mind sharp! She loves to pretend and her imgination is HUGE! We hope to start spending more time on preschool type activities together in the year ahead.

Hope this catches you all up and you were able to stay awake the duration! We will try to get pictures up as soon as we find our cord!!!