Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally: Pictures Galore!!!

Krazy Kids around the house

I love this picture...first off, the kids love to play with buckets on their head and then crawl full speed ahead into anything. Watch Caleb in the background and scroll down to the next picture.Like I said...they run into anything!
And here is the mess they make daily of my kitchen. They love the tupperware cupboards.
The new train table the boys got from Opa & Oma
Kiera insisted Daddy had a shape birthday cake. He's a Mac fan (in case you didn't know!)
Happy Birthday Ryan!
Joel's 13 month (I love his face)
Caleb's 13 month...he's so laid back.
This is us getting into the tupperware cupboard...
And this is how we get out of the cupboard!

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Nate and Lisa said...

They are pretty funny with the buckets...after you sent me that e-mail about one of them running into something I chuckled to myself the rest of the day whenever I thought of it.