Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mirror Twins???

Caleb & Joel's 6 month buddies holding hands
Hanging out in the crib...we take this play time very seriously.
Ryan feeding one of the boys and Kiera feeding "baby Kate"
Joel & Kiera gone fishing
Are we alike or what?
Kiera finally will jump on the trampoline (at her cousins)
My favorite picture of the boys so far. They just fell over on each other and thought it was funny!

I labeled this post "mirror twins" because we have always wondered if our boys might be mirrors of each other. Joel has a left dimple and Caleb a right, Caleb grabs things with his left hand and Joel with his right. We thought that up until now it was all kind of a fluke. Well, we are really starting to wonder. Caleb got his first tooth last Friday. He got one on the bottom right. 3 days later Joel popped a tooth on the bottom left. Is that not bizarre or what??? Like I said, it may just be coincidence, but how cool if this continues??? Maybe Caleb will be left handed. Supposedly they will do everything in mirror of each other. Time will tell!!!

We have had a lot of milestones this last month. The boys are now sitting up and playing together so well. They spend hours on the floor just grabbing toys from each other and babbling away. They are really starting to show their personalities. Joel tends to show emotion more. He is always excited about everything, babbles away to Caleb, and laughs quick. Caleb just sits there and smiles at Joel, is much more subdued and doesn't seem to be fazed by anything. Sounds like me and Ryan, huh? It is so fun to see their interaction with each other. They both have gotten teeth and now are well on their way with baby food. We have completed vegetables and now are on to fruits which they inhale! They are already eating us out of house and home!

Kiera has been at VBS all week and had her final program tonight. She just LOVED it and was very sad to see it end. We were very impressed with her tonight at the program. She sang her heart out and did all the actions. I was very impressed. I thought she would just clam up. Our little girl is growing up!