Saturday, May 23, 2009

May Musings

I see we haven't posted for a month already! Boy, does time fly! In early May my (Sheri's) mom came out for a week to visit. We met her and my sister and family in Minneapolis for the weekend. My dad was able to fly out at the same time, so we had a blast together! We got to see my new niece, Elliana, and spend time walking around the Mall of America and going to the Children's Museum. I think Kiera's highlight was swimming in the hotel pool (we won't mention the Clifford, Shark, and Giant Peanut we saw dressed up in the mall that sent her into panic attacks). Then we took my mom home with us for the week. I enjoyed some adult conversation during the day and an extra set of hands! She was a welcome relief and a gigantic help! Thanks so much Mom for all you did and for your encouragement! We then took a little break for graduation parties, church activities, and Mother's Day (which we spent as a family at home...I was treated to a wonderful lunch of pork chops and potatoes with my favorite, strawberry pie and then got a 2 hour nap!!! Pure bliss! Thanks Ryan!).
On the 15th my sisterLisa came for a visit. We had so much fun visiting, shopping, puzzling, and entertaining my kids. She was also an enormous help for the week. She pitched right in on feedings, changing diapers, washing bottles, bottles, and more bottles, and just keeping me sane! We had some great times! Thanks Lisa!
Now we are back to reality and trying to survive on our own again. We had some disappointing news mid May that my dad's cancer was back. It was hard to hear and I feel so helpless being so far away. But, we remain optomistic that he can beat it again! He starts radiation and chemo in 2 weeks. We appreciate your prayers for his healing.
The past 3 weeks I've been struggling with a sinus infection which has been pretty miserable. Thankfully the medicine has kicked in and I am feeling much better. The boys had their 6 month (yes, 6 months already!!!!) check this past week. Joel weighed 18 lbs 13 oz and Caleb was 18 lbs. 3 oz. They are growing great and in the 90% for weight and height. Both of them are rolling over and drooling like crazy. We're just waiting for those teeth to pop through. They continue to nap crummy (40 min. 3 times a day), but sleep 12 hours at night!!! Hallelujah! We just take one day at a time and occasionally send an SOS to daddy at work for some help. They are so close to sitting and I think this will open up a whole new world for them (and me!). Kiera is a very chatty and fun 3 year old. As Lisa can testify to, she will pontificate on anything! She usually has verbal diarrhea and keeps me thoroughly entertatined and laughing. She is such a joy and loves her little brothers (just gets a little rough sometimes).
Ryan is staying pretty busy at work as we are trying to kick of our capital campaign for our new addition at church. Usually he is done with youth group by now, but they are continuing for a couple more weeks due to the campaign. This makes for long days for me as he has lots of meetings in the evenings. I will be glad once all this is over. He has also been busy preparing a sermon for tomorrow. He has to preach at both morning services. He has done this once before and did a great job. I must say I am not as nervous as last time! He have full confidence in him!
Well, I think that has caught you up on our life in the past month. Sorry it turned into a novel. We will try to post some pictures later this weekend of our fun month.