Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Fun

Kiera and cousin Eli hiding from the fireworks!
Sheri and best friend covers a lot of things (ex: pregnancies)
One of Kiera's 2 year pics.

At the zoo with cousins and aunties
Waiting for the parade...and the candy!
What a haul!!!! She got soooo much candy (thankfully she's forgotten about it all)

WOW! It has been over a month since we have posted anything. We sure have been busy! My (Sheri's) sisters Lisa and Tami were here for a visit. We had a lot of fun swimming, being together, and doing random activities. One day we took the kids to the zoo. They had a blast! We spent the 4th in Prinsburg with Ryan's family and enjoyed all the festivities there. We even took in a ski show! Had a short staff retreat at Green Lake, MN and then Sheri headed to Pella, IA for a wedding while Ryan headed to Michigan on SERVE. We have put a lot of miles on our car (we bit the bullet and traded our truck in for a minivan. 3 carseats would NOT have fit in any of our current vehicles). Between all our trips Ryan stays busy at work and manages to keep the lawn mowed and the garden weeded. Kiera and I have been babysitting a couple times a week along with spending time at the free wading pool down the street and staying cool in the basement from all the humidity. I continue to grow every day and am amazed at how big I am already at almost 5 months! So far the pregnancy is going well and I am able to do my normal day to day activities. My doctor has pushed my due date up to Thanksgiving time as with twins full term tends to be 37 weeks. I can't complain about that! We do have a lot to do in the meantime to prepare and look forward to things slowing down a little so that we can tackle some big projects before our lives change drastically! We are excited and continue to ask for your prayers that everything will continue to go smoothly and we will be able to carry these twins full term and without any complications! Enjoy these snapshots from the last month! I'll try to add some more later as our camera's batteries died and we couldn't upload all of them. So more to come...