Saturday, January 24, 2009

Around the House

Joel sleeping soundly.

Caleb sleeping on his tummy.
Caleb having tummy time in the boppy (he's supposed to be awake, but loves his tummy!)
Kiera and Joel playing in the Bumbo
Joel takes this playing stuff very seriously...
Kiera holding one of the brothers (Caleb, I think)
Kiera helping feed (a good caption would be "Aye, not another feeding already...I"m so weary")

Sorry we haven't posted in awhile. Things are a little busy now that our wonderful help (Thanks mom Rouw and Rouw sisters!!!) have left. Reality did finally set in and with Ryan at work, my days can get a little hectic. Sometimes I feel like all I do is shuffle babies, feed, change diapers, and shuffle more babies. There always seems to be one fussing and needing attention. I'm lucky if I get to eat any of my meals! Thankfully Kiera is around to remind me that it's time! We usually start our day with feeding, diaper changes, breakfast, getting ourselves ready, and then it's time for the next feeding, lunch, maybe a short walk on the treadmill and nap time. Ryan has thankfully been able to come home around 3:30 so that I can take a nap for a couple hours before supper. Without those naps, I am pretty exhausted by the time 11 pm comes around. Hopefully Caleb and Joel will decide to sleep through the night one of these nights. Since they are almost 2 months old they should be close (although they are about 3 weeks behind).
Kiera has become a HUGE help for me. She loves to hold them (which is wonderful when they are both fussy as they love to be held) and is even helpful with giving them a bottle (I have to supplement them as I am not producing enough for 2 babies). She even puts pacifiers in without being asked. If they cry, she puts them in. This is awesome!!!
Caleb and Joel have really grown a lot and are beginning to make cooing noises. They are taking better naps during the day and are holding up their heads very well. They both enjoy sitting in the Bumbo seat which is nice for me to have another option of things for them to do. Our usual routine after feeding is lay on the "farm" (activity floor mat), then to the swing, then to the couch, then to the bumbo, then to the bouncy seat for a nap. Like I said...lots of shuffling!

We will try to continue to update more regularly. Enjoy the pictures...hopefully we got the labeling correct. I make no promises on that. We're getting better at telling them apart, but we aren't 100% yet!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kiera is picking up on some things...

This was Kiera's first attempt at feeding her baby. For some reason she got the idea that you feed through your elbow!

Pretty soon she had it all figured out...just like mommy!

A good little mommy!



Joel on left, Caleb on right.