Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zoo & Misc.

Our Shrek look-a-like! This was Joel at the airshow with his earplugs in. Sioux Falls had an airshow which was great! We spent the morning with Ryan's folks and our brother-in-law Josh and his boys. We missed the Blue Angels because they were too loud for the kids. We got to watch some of the smaller planes, and then went home. Maybe when they're older.
"I'm a Harwee Kid" outfits from Sturgis (Grandpa went through there on one of his trips) Don't you just love the visors???
1st trip to the zoo!!! They look so excited, don't they? Ryan's sister Joni came with her kids from Houston to visit, so we spent the day at the zoo.
Riding on the zoo train

Kiera and I had a tea party one day while the boys were napping. Unfortunately Caleb woke up early, so he had to have tea also! He'll never live this down! Our refreshments consisted of Diet Coke and popcorn. We needed to do something girly for a change!

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Laura E said...

Diet Coke and popcorn...cute! Just like the commercial! :)