Monday, May 10, 2010

Pella Tulip Time Day 1

We were finally able to take a family vacation to a destination other than WA or Prinsburg! We decided to head to the Pella Tulip Festival. My best friend Valerie and her husband Jake live there and encouraged us to come. We left Thursday after work and got there around 10 pm. We stayed with Val's aunt who was a WONDERFUL hostess and spoiled us rotten! She was well prepared for our kids and we were able to enjoy their whole basement to ourselves! The next morning, I was able to head out for breakfast with Val and my other best friend Carolyn. She had also come down with her husband Mark and little girl Hannah. I hadn't seen Hannah yet, so it was fun to spend the time with them as well. We went to the Windmill Cafe for breakfast. We did this for old time's sake as we used to always celebrate our birthday's together with breakfast. We have all been friends since Jr.High (Val since we were 2). We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and had a blast catching up on each other's lives. Carolyn (left) and Valerie (Right)

After that, we went to get our families and headed to the Tulip Time festivities. We enjoyed the afternoon parade, which ended up being TERRIBLY cold as the weather changed and we about froze. Thankfully I had thrown hats, coats, and gloves in last minute! We stayed for most of it and then just visited together inside.

That evening we were able to go to my cousins home for supper. We grilled and enjoyed visiting with my aunt and uncle who were also there. It was fun to see all the kids interact! It was quite noisy!!!
These are my uncle and aunt and my cousin Joy's little girl Lydia. She is only a week younger than the boys (that's Joel on Uncle Loren's lap. He loved sitting by him!)
We enjoyed Day 1 and hope to be better prepared tomorrow for the bitter cold weather!!!

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nick~koren said...

ah yay for val and carolyn. that was cool to see them.