Friday, May 10, 2013

Silly Boys

The boys are at a wonderful age right now. They are mostly independent and love playing together. Just today I heard Caleb tell Joel "wait for your best buddy!" They get along great (most of the time) and are loving being outside (FINALLY). We graduated them to bigger bikes which they are SO proud of and are hoping to get training wheels off soon. One of their favorite things to do is hang out at the neighbors when they are outside. As soon as they see them come out, they are over there helping with various yard work. They love helping pick up sticks and mainly chatter to "Grandpa and Grandma Neighbor". I think the neighbors love it and it keeps up a good relationship with them.

The boys singing at their Story Hour program
Joel fixing his lawn mower

Caleb fixing his lawn mower

Helping daddy with some leverage issues...

Helping the neighbors pick up sticks

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