Sunday, August 21, 2011

WA 2011

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We had an amazing 3 weeks in WA. We really enjoyed being spoiled by family and awesome weather!! It never rained a drop the entire time we were there.

I flew out with the kids early on July 22. I was a little nervous about flying with the kids by myself, but they did awesome! They were so excited and didn't even play with half the stuff I bought. I even managed to read an entire magazine on the flight!! On our flight home we had a red-eye and they surprised me with how well they did. Caleb went right to sleep and I gave Joel some Benedryl and he and Kiera slept too! It was such a blessing to have the kids do so well!

Much of our time in WA was spent just sitting around either at my parents or my sisters house. Those who know us best know we love to sit around and chat while drinking diet coke! We made sure to enjoy this daily! The kids were able to play outside a ton and I rarely saw Kiera as she LOVED being with her girl cousins. We took a trip to Jungle Playland again, enjoyed playing in the sand at the beach and having a picnic, and digging in Opa's bark pile at home. A highlight was getting to ride Amtrak up to Bellingham. It was a 30 min. trip and the kids just LOVED it. It was so beautiful riding along the water and lots of fun to see my train loving boys so wide-eyed!

We were also able to celebrate some birthdays while out there. Rylee had turned one just before we came, so we were able to give her our gift. Rhyson turned one while we were there, so we had a fun b-day party with him eating cupcakes! My mom also turned 60, so we HAD to go to Red Robin to celebrate! Sioux Falls really needs to get one!

We enjoyed family reunions on both sides of the family. My dad's side had a fun afternoon barbecue complete with water gun fights and ice cream! My mom's side got together for the first time in 11 years! We celebrated my grandparents 61st wedding anniversary! It was so fun to spend a weekend with all of them reminiscing and eating GREAT food!

Overall, we had a blast and made lots of fun memories. Enjoy the pictures!!!


Sara said...

Such great photos of the kids all together with their cousins - looks like it was non-stop fun for them. I love the one of all of them, where Rhyson & Rylee are sitting on the little chairs - so cute!

Laura E said...

Sweet post! Looks/sounds like you had a wonderful time in the best state ever!! :)