Saturday, April 9, 2011

Double the Fun!

After a trip to the dentist I am almost completely convinced that the boy are identical. The dentist told us that they suck on their pacifiers the exact same way and their front teeth are pushed out exactly the same. He could hardly believe how identical their mouths were! So crazy! We still find ourselves getting them mixed up and if they are dressed the same and not together (which doesn't happen too often if I can help it) I can't tell who I'm talking to until I get them to smile. Their dimples on opposite cheeks are our saving mark. Whew! They still spend all their time together and listening to them talk to each other more and more is just so precious. Here are some pictures of some fun identical twin moments in the past month.

The boys love playing in their cribs at bed time. It always takes them awhile to settle down. In this picture they had jumped so hard in their cribs they had rolled them to the middle of the room so they could pass things. Kind of hard to scold when you are trying not to laugh. I love to hear their giggling but am nervous to open the door and see the mess....
I had put a movie on after naps and did a double take when I walked back in the room. Now tell me they aren't mirror twins.....
So crazy...THIS IS NOT POSED!!!!
I babysit a 4 mo. old twice a week and he is always here before the boys get up. They are so excited to see "Baby Ethan" in the morning and just swamp him with cars!
A rare moment in our home...falling asleep on the couch.

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Laura E said...

They are so cute! I love seeing the pictures of them sitting the same way. That's so funny!