Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

WE MADE IT!!!!! We survived the first year with twins! Yesterday was a busy yet very fun day. The boys enjoyed themselves and all the attention. Kiera loved the gifts that weren't for her but got to open AND play with since the boys liked the paper better. My sister Lisa arrived in time for cake (she's flying to WA with me later) and Kiera had her Christmas program at night. I decided to take advantage of being able to make one cake and get away with it and did a train theme this year. It turned out cute and the boys LOVED it! Enjoy the pictures of our fun day!

Caleb and the cake...he's saying, "Come on folks, let's just eat already!"
Joel and the cake, he even managed to grab a piece of the caboose.Both boys and the cake (Joel left, Caleb right)The cousins came over to help celebrate...I think they enjoyed having a boy themed birthday and not having to eat princess cake or eat on a pink plate.
Joel eating his first bites. They both had two pieces each!
Caleb and his first biteJoel after he's done. They looked like little smurfs.Caleb after he's done.
Playing with one of their new toys...a fire station!Caleb opening gifts from Grandpa & Grandma. (Joel fell asleep, so Caleb got to enjoy all the focus on him.
Joel opening his gifts later. Doesn't he look excited?
The happy family...relieved and happy to be through our first year! (Caleb left, Joel right)


Laura E said...

Congrats on making it a year! You guys look great! And it looks like a very fun birthday party. I love the train cake!

Gail said...

Congratulations! Happy Birthday, Caleb and Joel! I love your family portrait. You all look great! Glad you survived your first year with twins--no on to the twos. Have fun!

Candy said...

Very Cute! I love the Cake!