Monday, December 8, 2008

More Pictures from Day 2

Just before bedtime

Kiera found a fun place to play

Ryan's uncle Tim and his daughters Sam & Steph came to visit

Andrew, a twin cousin, holding his new twin cousins (does that make sense?)

Kiera & Andrew making sure the trains and Little People are doing ok.

Kiera checking out Caleb (left) and Joel (right).


The VM Family said...

You guys are rocking at posting pictures and updates! We love it!

David said...

Ryan & Sheri, First of all Congrats. They are precious! I read that you were going on Saturday to have the babies and on Friday night I dreamt that you had 3 instead of 2. It is good to hear that there were only two in there. We arepraying for you as you head home soon and start Real life with all the kids! Keep the pictures coming!